Flo OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “FLO OG ~ Look for dark green nugs with purple highlights. NUGS LOOK LIKE 🍐 (PEARS!) Sweet and Floral tones with a little Hash expression on the exhale. Indica-dom at 70/30...So, good bye pain! Insomniacs, embellish! This gave me a little boost then shut shit down for the evening. Happy 420, Y'all!”

  • “By far one of my favorite strains. The couch lock is absolutely ridiculous and the body buzz is absolutely incredible.”

  • “This is one of my absolute favorite strains. I was already a fan of Flo, but adding the Rare Dankness #1 for that extra indica makes this a must have for me for relaxing before bed. For me this strain leaves my thoughts fairly clear, but calm, and has an amazing body effect that just melts away any tension or pain.”

  • “I had Flo OG in concentrate and It is a wonderful, clean, functional high. This "indica" changes the game for most indicas because of how focused you get, and you don't feel like sinking in to the couch.”

  • “This is some sweet dankness! We vaped and immediately felt effects ... euphoria, body buzz, and relaxation. What a nice high! I was energized and totally chill at the same time. Tasted notes of berry and citrus as we smoked. Flo OG just became one of my faves.”

  • “found it with a lot of nice purple but good crystals flaking .. and leaves one of the greatest tasting buds I've ever exhaled.. def gives the pros and med def 👍🙌👏.. such a great feeling 😁”

  • “Deep forest and dark pine green dense nugs with flecks of purple and rich orange threads, completely dusted in powdery white frost. Sweet berry taste, a little earthy, great flowery aroma. Very solid pain relief, quite powerful but workable, primarily body with a nice euphoric onset. Another excellent NETA strain, stats from batch 718, TAC 28.9, THCA 27.3, D9THC 0.4, CBDA 0.1, CBC 0.2, CBGA 0.9”

  • “Reviews are spot-on about this one. This couch is a legit sinkhole now. Tastes like peach with a crisp kick and will leave you relaxed but alert. Muscle tension will release, and you may crave mint iced tea.”