Flowerbomb Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Time stands still with Flowerbomb. This strain is definitely a heavy hitter. I had a cold when I tried this in Amsterdam, so that may have caused me to feel the effects of this strain a bit more than most people. After taking a few hits, my body felt super heavy and all of my movements and thoughts seemed to slow. way. down. All I wanted to do was sit in a quite space and nap. While my friend was super hungry after t...”

  • “I Grew this strain from one of Greenhouse Seeds feminized seeds. The plant is strong and robust, Huge fan leaves with hints of blue and purple a very dark green. The flowers are very dense and compact, Not a big producer but the quality of the flowers is High Grade! It was finished the second week of October here in Northern California, The flowers look great in a jar! Ver dark green with bright red hairs, tons of cr...”

  • “I love how this strain made me feel. I was really relaxed and kind of not motivated to do much after about 20 minutes of being high. Like every strain, whenever it hits me I am mostly energetic and hyper and jumping around. For most strains these feelings continue to flow throughout the high (the next few hours). With Flowerbomb Kush however, this is not exactly the case. An Indica high is quite different from a...”

  • “Wow. From the first bowl this strain instantly became my new #1. Super dense hybrid-like buds that are covered in trichromes.. The high hits you fast but the full effects don't set in for a good 10-15 min, however they can last forever. Flowerbomb perfectly incorporates the genetics of it's two parents, green crack and og kush. This is an all day everyday strain, perfect for anxiety and insomnia alike. Not for beginn...”

  • “Love the name”

  • “Tried this at the Greenhouse in Amsterdam last year. Fell in love with the smell and appearance of the flower instantly. The smoke was thick, heavy and very flavourful. Potent as all hell and long lasting so it's definitely more for the seasoned smoker. 10/10 for my all time favourite strain.”

  • “one of my favorite strains ,citrus earthy typa taste with skunk when you exhale”

  • “Got an eighth while in Vegas, buds tend to be small, great if you're walking and want to experience everything around you, it opens your eyes a second time to say...”