Forbidden Fruit Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I got this strain from PALS Collective in Bishop, Ca. and let me tell you... never have I had such a tasty strain. Some may call it cherry or fruity, but it's 100% Grapefruit. It's a very purple bud to the core and chock full of orange calyxes and frosty trichromes. It's beautiful to look at, smell, but treats you even better. An Indica dominant strain, this will make you smile and lose track of time and pain while l...”

  • “Dont smoke this if you have something to do. Tastes fruity and smells very fruity. Fluffy and breaks apart easily but slightly sticky.”

  • “Strong indica for sure with amazing fruity scents. Feels like you've been covered in a nice blanket and can calmly relax and fall asleep. Great for: melting into your couch and getting lost in music Bad for: being even remotely productive or anything social”

  • “Very strong terpy high.. packed with extreme terpenes very dark purple color with orange hairs made for heavy hitters no rookies first try very exotic”

  • “Delicious!!! Smells like cherries and very sweet; smoke is smooth with relaxing nighttime effects. Gave me a case of the munchies too, perfect for Netflix and chill.”

  • “(Smoking review, not vaporizing) My first impression of this truly Forbidden Fruit was truly exhilarating; THE SMELL: I opened the bag ever so slightly and my roommate (across the two bedroom apartment with her door closed) came out to smell the Fruit; she could smell it through my closed door and hers across the house (and it is easily the BEST SMELLING STRAIN). {Hints of Passion Fruit, Mango and Cherry- the nug...”

  • “Great strain for chilling and being a little creative but it's mostly sedative. Tastes of sweet berries if cured properly.”

  • “Grabbed this a few times from HGC Vista... supposedly grow by the Cookies Fam... definitely some of the best sun grown I've seen in a while. Nice purple buds with sparse orange hairs on chunky sativa hybrid lookin buds. Smell at first is pure tangie but the cherry came out when breaking up. Taste was tangerine and skunk on the inhale, cherries and funk on the exhale and the lingering aftertaste. My favorite way to...”