G13 Reviews

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  • “Another one of my top faves. Makes doing public activities more fun. I find myself talkative and wanting to hang out. Relieves anxiety and creates tranquility.”

  • “Versatile strain when wanting that extra strong pain and stress relieve by itself or, as I have found, mixed with other strains. I like to mix with a High-CBD strain (IMC-Blue Suede Shoes) to get the immediate pain and stress relief without feeling stoned or much affected. It also works well with evening/night strains (IMC - Mr Nice, GG4 or Skywalker) to intensify their sleep-inducing effects. I find that a small ...”

  • “G13 was the first heavy Indica I smoked. It was the (unknown at the time) beginning of what is now my quest and intention to discover, collect, grow and experience all the best Indicas and to share with all those who wish it. This is one of the most top of the line Indicas with many fun stories of its emergence into the modern world. The high brought on by this strain is of the most intense signature and classic In...”

  • “I picked this nice little strain up from bloom the other day, went home and smoked a bowl of it after some Durban Poison. Right now, I'm currently only on G13, so it's unbiased, but both smoke sessions shared effects. One more thing, I smoked this out of a 2.5 ft AMG bong with a honeycomb perc, 6 arm perc, and a honeycomb filtered bowlpiece. Right away I notice: Eyes drying out Mouth drying out Tingly Sensation Str...”

  • “This weed is how I became a Christian for a good few hours. I got anxious at a party, so my friends and I excused ourselves for a few minutes. We loaded into a car and smoked some of this. After my first hit, I fell into my friend's lap and began batting at her long hair and told her how much I loved her and how pretty she was. After my second hit, I saw the stars and just stared on and on. I got out of the car, put...”

  • “G13 what a strain. I smoked it for the first time yesterday with 2 buddies we had only 1.1 - 1.2 grams but still three bowl packs got us nice and stoned. Furthermore one of us sufferers from severe insomnia & this strain knocked him the FUCK out. Something most strains cannot manage. The. Smell was wonderful it has to be one of my all time favorite aromas”


  • “I reviewed this strain a week ago and had a very different experience with it this time. I am currently under it's effects as I write this. To sum it up in one word: WOW!! Normally I've been using the G13 with my vaporizer (temperature set at 380 F), and it came across as very 'for-medical-use-only' to me -- pain-free, anxiety-free, no strong 'buzz' in the head. Well, just a bit ago I decided to smoke this i...”