Gandalf OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I just started using this strain for bedtime and let me say... it's been a life saver! I have horrible insomnia plus epilepsy if I don't get enough sleep. I have used well over 25mg melatonin and sleeping pills with no luck, then I found Gandalf. Definitely will be keeping this on hand 👍🏻”

  • “Gandalf O.G. had me J.R.R.Tokin' Couch lock game on point. I felt like Frodo Baggins after Shelob impaled him. Straight up dead until sunrise. This is an excellent pain reliever too.”

  • “Best tasting, sweet like grapes Indica I ever had. Bought some from a dispensary I drive 45 miles to, just because I get twice the amount for my money and they're the only one I ever seen carry it. First time I bought it just because ( a quarter ) went home and rolled a fat joint. Damn, I should have bought more, I could tell after 4 hits. I looked it up on Leafly and on the review chart, ALL the ratings were in the ...”

  • “By far one of the smoothest strain without lacking in potency. Sticky as hell...your going to need a grinder..The flavors of aroma also matches the exhale, a big plus for me. Don't know about my coughee bros but I felt happy and focused. Another citrus pine flavored og for the books.”

  • “My upstairs neighbor is terribly loud. He always is walking and talking and singing, I can't really take it anymore. I picked and eight of Gandolf and goodnight. This is a great strain and if you too have awful upstairs neighbors then pick it up, it will help you catch some zzzzzz's”

  • “Totally Awsome. I love all the OG's, of which there are many. But this one comes with a almost super natural terpene profile. One could be forgiven when tasting it for the first time and almost being skeptical of how tasty it is. But it's a natural taste totally unique amongst connasuer hybrids. Also powerful. Like all OG should be.”