God Bud Reviews

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  • “Migraine pain 6; nausea 8-9 when I medicated round 1100 or so. Started feeling the effects upon exhale which was wonderful. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (must for me). Body high allowed me to eat breakfast. Head high allowed me to enjoy my Sunday morning with my hubby very much! ;-) Still pretty stoned 2 hours later. Dint @ all put me to sleep but my tolerance is pretty up there. I'd recommend for nighttime ...”

  • “Crispy jade green buds with sort of jagged edges. Tastes so green like a plant, yet so sweet and delicious. Hit me with intense euphoria immediately upon inhaling. I felt like I was transported to some sort of tranquil tropical paradise waterfall in which many beautiful naked women bathe each other all day.”

  • “I've started using this at night to control my chronic pain rather than morphine. I'm finding that if I play a video game after using it I'm going to spend a few hours there, watch TV and the same results. When I do go to bed my pain relief lasts through the night and I am very pleasantly surprised that it completely stands in for the morphine. Overall good medicine”

  • “I am a chemo patient, and the inability to eat due to nausea, stomach cramps, etc. has been a huge challenge. I vaped a half bowl of God Bud and was ravenous 30 min later. Ate a FULL proper meal and kept it down. God bud= Godsend.”

  • “poor information on this strain i have grown this plant four years now its grows upwards to 5ft. only veg three months. 65-67 days in flower. 23-27% thc. all organic nutrients (bio biz) bc god bud is the best the one wondering around oregon is a poor representation of what she can do.”

  • “BC God Bud delivers a musky, tropical flavor with herbal edges and hints of lavender, berry, and pine. The high is well balanced, a slight creeper with long lasting effects, starting with a calm, pleasant feeling and increasing to a more surreal, nearly hallucinogenic buzz. Good for general pain relief and makes a pleasant nighttime smoke. The peace of BC God Bud unfolds in the garden or at the drawing table, and in ...”

  • “Absolutely perfect for my first time. Took one hit and instantly felt euphoria. Just needed a few (3-4) hits from my vape pen (which was not loaded with a whole lot) and I was /good/ all night. I get really bad lows sometimes (like depressed almost suicidal lows) and I usually drink to get through it, which usually just makes it worse. I feel a million times better today than if I'd drunk last night. I don't feel a n...”

  • “Who would have know that crossing a purple skunk and a Hawaiian would be so heavenly. Great bag appeal, okay earthy smell, perfect dryness, grinds & smokes awesome. Heavy Indica effect, stony, perfect Sunday or late afternoon smoke. I would be hesitant to start my work day with a frosted bowl.”