Godfather OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Surprised this strain doesn't have more reviews aha. Three good hits of this OG strand will have you feeling happy as hell and hungry as fuck. Beginner smokers beware. I normally don't give out 9's, but this is one of the best strands I ever smoked :)”

  • “This is now a favorite of mine for Indica. Nothing at all in the head ... total body relaxation. Very peaceful. I had some ringing in my ears - hmmmmm. Might have been the Poppers. LOL Not like want to go to sleep, but you want to be in bed with a laptop surfing the web, playing a little quiet music like Dave Rawlings Machine. Absolutely a peaceful beautiful high.”

  • “If it isn't only the 2013 cannabis cup winning 28%thc Godfather OG presented by Alpha Medic located in San Diego, I must say this is the bombest shit I've ever smoked.”

  • “Picked up 1/4 of this at Miramar Meds. This is one of the heaviest strains I've ever had. Didn't need to have much, and I medicate 4-5x a day. Within 10 minutes the effects were very strong. It was very difficult to think. Or move out of a comfy position. Excellent for sleeping, relaxing, munchies, just keep in mind this is a powerful couchlock strain.”

  • “I have severe insomnia, and this is hands down the best sleep med I've experienced. Immediate rush of euphoria and body high, leading to extreme relaxation and sleep. I slept through an entire night for the first time in over a year.”

  • “By far the hardest hitting Indica I've smoked. Leaves a burning sensation in the chest but besides that this is a 5 * strain. Exotic terpy flavor. And the Shatter was like gold with a slight amber color when balled up. Definitely a night time str as in unless you are a Indica smoker mainly, like myself”

  • “I just picked up this strain from my favorite club in Berkeley. It's a far drive but that's beside the point. I was out of my anxiety medication and I needed something to take the edge off after work and finals, so I picked up this strain in the form of oil. I took one hit, and the rest is history. All I need is one dab of this a day and I am good to go. Probably my new favorite strain. My anxiety ceases to develop a...”

  • “Great indica for it's sedative properties! I love it for evenings after work.”