God's Gift Reviews

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  • “Don't mind that I'm sinking into my bed right now. Relaxing, and a fairly fuzzy brain right now...or I might just be getting tired. No energetic mind-racing effects. Pretty relaxing, vegging state right now. A movie sounds good. But the internet sounds good too. The internet is like a movie you can control. But it's also on average a more boring movie than watching an ACTUAL movie.”

  • “🍇🌚 Bong ripped, off we drift on God's Gift; Time slipped, eyelids getting hard to lift. This is one amazing strain. Very potent and delicious. It will put everything at ease. It will make you smile. It will sit you down. It will reassure you that everything is okay. It will even make sure you eat! If a strain could be your mother, this would be it! It tastes amazing. Sweet like a berry with a touch of citrus along ...”

  • “Gods Gift is a very amazing strain! The high is very strong due to the high THC levels. Gods Gift is the type of strain that will turn a bad day into an overall amazing day very quickly... leaves you very giggly, smiley, and just overall happy! Once you sit back and relax it leaves you very calm and very laid back, including severe couch lock. I would recommend this strain to everyone, it was an honor having Gods Gif...”

  • “Captains Log: 3.10.15 5:37pm amount consumed: 0.25g physical description: a soft, dense feel to the bud, which was a darker green with purple scattered throughout. cerebral experience: "God's gift" is indeed as its title suggests: a gift. A mere thirty minutes into smoking, I begin to feel the floor of a fall that I can only describe as the mental equivalent of sinking to the bottom of the ocean. I feel very heavy, ...”

  • “i have mutiple sclorosis known as (ms) i am 18 and was diagnosed when i was 14 in 2oo7 as well as being diagnosed my mother passed away l december 15 o7. 2007 was a very difficult year for me. dropped out of school as well as mutiple hostpitle visits... it wasent till i turned 16 when i discoverd marijuana.. ive tryed many many diffrent types from "reggie"- to "HYdro" and by far this is the BEST! has helped with dep...”

  • “Excellent for stress, anxiety, and paranoia: God's Gift replaced Xanax!!!”

  • “(Seattle Test 05/23/2016 15 Strains from 7 Retail Stores) God's gift is a great strain, sharp initial taste. This strain is definitely potent and the company we got it from did a fantastic job. Out of 15 strains that we tested in Seattle this was rated in the top 5. Lots of crystals and very impressive buds.”

  • “picked up a quarter of this today at the dispensary and put it in the trunk of my car while I ran errands only to return to the entire inside of my car smelling like this little gift. very strong dank smell but also berry which I think makes the hits so smooth. Heavy hitter indica but without the sleepiness so one of the rare ones I can use during the day. definitely feel a body high, very calm too which is why I'd s...”