Godzilla Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A friend randomly came to my house one day with some fat nugs of this zilla, and then I can't remember the rest of the story..”

  • “A total sedative. Not only does it take my back pain away, it makes me feel so light I forget I even have a body. I smoke a little more and enjoy the fall into a nice oblivion-like sleep. Do not imbibe if you want to be productive after. This is what you smoke to forget the world.”

  • “This was a strain I had to get used to. Definite hints of indica bodywise, with a sativa finish that basically makes your body relaxed and mind sharp as a tack. Perfect while relaxing with friends or before a social event. Makes you uninhibited, appreciative and totally chill. A very sweet, almost biscuity smell sometimes when burned.”

  • “This is my first time with this strain . I suffer from anxiety and insomnia . So far it does relax me I do get a little anxious for awhile but it's not horrible .”

  • “Method of consumption: Volcano Vaporizer. Pros: Relaxing and pain relief. Slight euphoria and calming of the mind that hits behind the eyes. Cons: It may be called Godzilla but it smells like Godzillas ass. It is pungent and stinks like cat piss. Some dry mouth and eyes. Overall/Other: Normal draw and exhale, although the flower stinks, the vape itself had a berry/earthy taste but that smell...it's powerful and pe...”

  • “After hearing the good reviews and being a fan of Godzilla movies for fifty years I was eager to try this. Was pretty disappointed and expecting some wreckage from this beast but alas. The first couple of times it was a good high but certainly not worthy of it's name sake. It was OK for by bi-polar needs but only cut my back pain in half. I got it on sale so on that level I'm not griping because it's decent for cheap...”

  • “this strain is dank, super pungent to me. the nugs are nice and when you hit it, it hits harder, very strong and potent”

  • “Godzilla is a heavy indica strain that sedates you while allowing euphoria and happiness to dance through the muscular system. Allows you to be a great medium between sleepy and energetic. Slows you down and makes you productive!”