Gog & Magog Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “nice and smooth good strain just a little expensive”

  • “Very good strain clean smoke good taste. 👍 kinda pricey though”

  • “Good high”

  • “I tried three varieties of this bud and they were all very good, with Gog & Magog #9 being the best in my opinion. all of the varieties have incredibly smooth smoke and taste very clean.”

  • “That's definitely some nice bud. This is my first taste and I would say this batch was exceptional. It didn't look as pretty as I expected but number five is definitely a ten. Head heavy euphoric feeling with body tingles and just an overall....Yeeeeaahhhh feeling.”

  • “The high feels clear and very relaxed to me. I had a splitting headache before I smoked (not why I smoked) but it was completely gone in like 15 minutes...started fading in 5. My gums feel a little funny, but it's not unpleasant.”

  • “Great strain, little pricey. Ended up with a half-ounce from my dispensary in Toronto because they had nothing else left, and it pretty much made my entire aparment smell like gods garden. Doesn't take much with this strain, and within a few minutes you can tell it's clearly indica dominant as youll likely fused to whatever you're sitting on. Great for bedtime.”

  • “I got gog and magog #1 at first I wasn't going to purchase because there was such little information on the strain but I got it and it was extremely smooth! very potent!”