Goo Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Vaporized goo that I purchased at Encanto Green Cross worked great for my lower back pain. highly recommend for relaxing before bed.”

  • “Picked up a few grams of some wax of this just now. Thc =76.92% . Taste = amazing . high = *drool”

  • “berry berry goo'd. goo'd me to the couch.”

  • “Good strain for a heavy indica. A dispensary near me has blueberry which is my favorite but they charge high prices so I tried Goo at a different dispensary and it's very similar enough to substitute it. Currently one of my favorite strains. When my brain is too active I smoke this and it helps calm it down.”

  • “Hybrid 80/20: Indica dominant Parents: Hindu Kush & Blueberry”

  • “This is one of my go to basic strains for sleep. It's got all the qualities you'd want in a bud. It's a great indica to have around to de stress or help with insomnia. It's an easy going strain that can be used for multiple ailments.”

  • “Delivered on it's promise of a body-heavy high while not dulling the mind.”

  • “One of my most favorite strains. if I need to fully relax or just get a great nights rest this strain is perfect. I feel zero stress or anxiety when I'm on the Goo.”