Grand Doggy Purps Reviews

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  • “this strain was VERY good with pain. I suffer from chronic pain from a severe crushed ankle joint and broken leg. helps with the inflammation too. however, it was just a tad to strong for me. I'm a fairly new smoker so maybe I can grow into it. I did have a few second hallucination where I was sitting in my car (not driving) and felt like it was moving hahaha. I do feel it's not the best for my anxiety disorder as i...”

  • “My dispensary just got this strain in and I had to try it out. Definitely worth it, instantly relaxing you yet uplifting at the same time. Floralish but sweet taste. The sample I tried was 27% THC and 1.05% CBD. So it definitely can be a heavy hitter.”

  • “Great flavor and eye appeal. Has a smooth smoke and gives an overall feeling of relaxation. Relieves pain and muscle aches/spasms.”

  • “Awesome Strain for my Multiple Sclerosis. Helps w with pain, inflammation, muscle spams. Also good for Stress, happiness, relaxation. I just love this strain!!”

  • “Had this strain fresh dried, no cure. It has an amazing taste and is well refined. It tastes sweet like honey and rolls off the tongue easy. You don't realize that you've smoked a ton until it hits you. The high is very uplifting and cerebral. I felt more motivated to finish tasks and I felt more creative. The downside is that there was slight anxiety to work through and a little bit of jitteriness.”

  • “just going to say this strain, awesome for my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms!!”

  • “Excellent flavor as well as being a clean happy pain reliever.”

  • “i like this one for the daytime, stress and pain. Sometimes I add CBD.”