Grandpa Larry OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Strain: Grandpa Larry (not OG? Granddaddy Purple / Larry [OG] cross -- Indica) THC: 18.82% CBD: 0.36% Location found: Portland Canna Connection Date purchased: 6.8.16 Price: $10.00/g Weight: 1/1g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: This was the reason for the purchase. It was a Kush smell layered with some Afghani over the top. As soon as the scissors touch the surface the smell multiplied throu...”

  • “smoothe and light high. really calming, decent on pain. I could have taken a nap or not. got some stuff done. all around acts like a calming sativa”

  • “Granddaddy Purp x Larry OG! The smell is enormous. Buds look like they've been rolled in sugar. You get that great OG smell with the medicinal GDP and what more could you want in a Indica!”

  • “great indica strain..only for functional indica smokers. great for insomnia and anxiety and depression. great smell very potent. you dont need alot to get to the clouds”

  • “Absolute fire, I had to do a double take,I have smoked Larry OG and this takes it to the next level. Great cross with purple, instant fan I will definitely visit Grandpa Larry again!!!”

  • “This strain has good taste & is a great high. Had a preroll, which was rolled good. Hope this one is always available!”

  • “I like indica's. always unobtrusive on the mental. Calming, refreshing. if you want will go there. up there and with your wits with Larry OG. great in edibles.”

  • “This is a most excellent head buzzz like very low rider ... I smoke 2 grams or better a day .... this bud did the job a big 10 !!!”