Grandpa’s Breath Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Grandpa's Breath has been by far the most PTSD/anxiety/insomnia friendly strain I've ever had. I'm still present, able to think clearly, but I am extremely relaxed, and also reminded of the beauty in my life: I feel grateful for so much, including this strain. Grandpa has a calming presence, and gentle wisdom. Namaste.”

  • “Amazing strain for stress and sleep maximum euphoria👍👍👍😈”

  • “The cut I had of this strain was absolutely incredible! The guys at Dungeon Vault crafted some tasty genetics. This is one of the best tasting and medicating, fragrant strains I've ever had. I looooove Grandpas Breath!”

  • “An amazing strain, lucky me I got to try this bud in Phoenix over at PRC. Great for stress & sleep that for sure”

  • “Real nice body high, heavy relaxed head feeling, taste isn't amazing but isn't unpleasant either. Good for smoking at bedtime.”

  • “starting to wonder if I grow God's Gift (OGK×GDP) and rename it I can have a strain on Leafly..all these strains are the same hybrids over and over and over again.. .landraces, where are you?”