Grape Cookies Reviews

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  • “Leafly, get your facts straight. According to Purple Caper Seeds website, Grape Cookies genetics are Cali Grapes x Cookie F2. I am in awe of this beautiful plant. Much love to Purple Caper for their tireless work on and dedication to breeding great medicine. I'm honored to have grown this magnificent flower. I can't wait to purchase Purple Caper genetics after I grow this batch of Da Purps. Purple Caper ge...”

  • “Taste like gsc but did have a very slight hint of grape. I thought I wasn't even high then about 20 min after smoking I was hit with a huge wave of euphoria and a major couch lock that made me so lazy. This helps so much for SA and GAD, it's unbelievable. Also fantastic for depression. Very chill bud, similar but better than xanax for sure”

  • “Very happy. Has taken edge off some pain and really helping with anxiety and spasms. Tastes great. Calming high. I am so thankful CT saw the light and offered medical marijuana to patients who so desperately need it. I will be on certain meds my entire life but marijuana has allowed me to stop taking prescribed sleep aides and 1 of my break through narcotic painkillers. My mood and energy levels are much better since...”

  • “On my first drag the inhale was smooth and did have hint of grape. Before I finished I was baked af and got lost outside my house. Finally make it inside and the body High kicked in. My body was buzzing and my head felt warm. Very euphoric feeling and made me laugh a lot. I recommend smoking with someone else. The smell was quite strong but nice.”

  • “I thought nothing was happening and then it hit me. I couldnt move for 30 seconds. After that everything felt slow motion while time was moving normally. Later I looked up and there were stars everywhere and they were moving off the ceiling. 100% recommend.”

  • “Buds super dense (hydro) basically dipped in Thc. Coated. I don't get hung up about piurp but it is purp looking for sure. Buzz is happy, relaxed, loose vibe. Flavor has a grape/ fruity meets mild skunky thing. Pretty nice smoke!”

  • “Very tasty!! With a up lifting high I recommend this strain to anyone who hasn't tried it”

  • “This strain was a creeper for us. At first the flower has a nice pleasant taste which leaves you the impression you can smoke it all day. But later(10mins)... I find out this was a sleeper 👊! A lovely body feel that has you relaxing and riding smooth purp waves!”