Grape Krush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Lots of nice purple, real crystally, great bag appeal. Pretty fluffy buds, easy to pull apart. Starts out somewhat light and as time progresses, it comes on stronger. After the peak, you may wanna take a nap.”

  • “Amazing strain. Great for pain with a very euphoric and happy high. Definitely one of the better strains I've had.”

  • “When you're at first blown away by its' purp exterior, you light it up and just melts your mind. It looks good. It smells good. It tastes good and then messes you up. I ended up watching a lot of Netflix and scarfing a 12" big Philly. Probably don't go drive a car afterwards.”

  • “Good indica for the price. Smoked a bowl of this with a headache, and it was gone in a few minutes. At first, I had a head high, then the body high hit me hard. Didn't really taste like grape tho.”

  • “Great strain for body relaxation. Very mellow body high that was gentle and pleasant. Great bed time. Almost so good that I woke up really tired in the morning still.”

  • “Great flavor, nice large buds with wonderful purple color. Nice powerful high and it was even on sale ;) I really enjoy smoking this strain!!”

  • “This is an indica with alll that implies but it has a bit more head effects than most other pure indicas.”

  • “After a few hits, this grape flavored kush and you will be mellowed out and I would do pretty often.”