Grape Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The phenotype I had brought out the pure afghani indica genes buried in the heritage of parents blueberry and grapefruit which are both far more sativa dominant compared to this phenotype. The buds were mostly green with very obvious patches of purple. The bud shares the skunky grape smell and taste of grandaddy purple and related strains. Overall, an amazing nighttime strain worthy of being compared to the relief p...”

  • “I really like this Indica. It's helped my sleeping disorder greatly and it's helped the pain I have in my feet and joints from sports and ballet. I highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble sleeping, or who has any sort of chronic pain. The only downside was that I needed to smoke quite a bit before I felt anything. But that could be because I have a high tolerance and/or it wasn't grown well. I'm sure if it's gr...”

  • “I really enjoyed this. It took a few then I felt relaxed and my eyes felt instint But yeah the buds I got were nice and dance they were medium size . Lots of cystals. Anyway this is nice for anxiety or if you just want to relax. If you wanna go then go just go slow. Tryed alot and I enjoyed this one. Good for headache to.”

  • “This stuff is some smelly shiz nit! Strong skunk at first with a mixed berry/grape smell right after, then almost back to skunkiness. haha Good density to the buds, with not much stem at all! The smoke puts a nice lil smile on my face, earthy skunk with lush tasty grapes/berries on the end of the exhale! It made me feel alot less stressed and very happy and pleasant. Not to powerful of a buzz, but nice and tolerable....”

  • “With a strong aroma, and pungent taste to match Grape Skunk is a force to rekon with!”

  • “crazy red hairs all over the nugs. looks like on of those photos you see and can't believe is real. the kush doesn't even smell like weed it just smells like coke and grape.”

  • “This stuff isn't my favorite. Smelled ok, looked ok, smoke ok, but nothing stood out.”

  • “Just tried this for the first time from Emerald Forest Collective in NorCal. The buzz sort of crept up on me but then it enveloped my whole body and brought calm into my mind. The high is somewhat sedating but not in a way that makes you sleepy or overly disinterested in doing things. If anything, after I smoked it, and read how low this strain was rated at my time of reading (5) and thought it deserved a little seri...”