Gravity Reviews

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  • “The budtender at Rocky Road in Colorado Springs recommended this strain for pain since they were out of cotton candy and banana kush. The smell was very strong but smoked through pipe or bubbler there is almost no taste and no cough. It's soooo smooth and has a great smell when burnt, like the weed I remember as a young adult. I immediately get relief from neuropathy pain within seconds. I'm already on Ne...”

  • “I use this strain for medicinal purposes related to lymphoma. It has been a huge help in giving me an appetite, controlling nausea, and overcoming taste changes after chemotherapy. Although it does help with pain, it is not as helpful with that as I thought it would be, and the relief from pain is less like the pain being gone, and more like I just don't care about it as much, which is still a big relief as it alle...”

  • “hands down the best weed i have ever had!! good for relaxation and pain.”

  • “Lived up to its name. I succumbed to the effects of gravity and had to lie down and nap soon after medicating. I expected to be clear-headed and focused like with some other high-cbd strains, but this one was really good at reminding me I need to catch up on some sleep. Good as seizure control, tranquilizer/mood stabilizer, sleep aid. Not much of a daytime strain though.”

  • “This is a good night time high CBD strain. It might be OK to use during the day, but I think it did make my eyes tired and dry. And I prefer not to "look stoned" when I am out and about. I tried some, then did about an hour of work on the computer without realizing it. Did not feel loopy or lethargic at all. Back pain that was bothering me went away pretty quickly. I am impressed with this strain. While it was not th...”

  • “It was so long ago and i didnt even remember the name until i saw it. im glad i found this, i highly recommend it. It's perfect for pain, you feel like you're floating. You feel so euphoric that even if you dont get the high of feeling so light that you could be floating, you probably still couldnt feel pain because you are in such a positive state of mind Highly recommended :)”

  • “It's not bad. Very relaxing... Getting it, I had no idea about the CBD effects... It's not Cannatonic or anything but it's legit...”

  • “first time I tried this strain I was in a car with a few friends and after smoking it we could all defiantly "feel" the music over the radio. My friends and I all have a high tolerance from smoking on a daily basis but this was defiantly something interesting for all of us.”