Green Kush Reviews

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  • “received this yesterday and I was told it would give me energy and clarity...It did that indeed...I vaped half a gram before the gym and I was a machine having fun laughing through reps! it was an amazing feeling of power and wakefulness. it has a sweet taste with hints of citrus as well as the aroma sweet and tropical. this tasty sativa is perfect for the daytime or some more energy in the night. if you smoke m...”

  • A2K

    “Made me very paranoid, but has a smooth uplift to it. I recommend Green Kush for nights at home and good sleep.”

  • “I'm a begginer and when I took 1 bong hit of this it gave me a really nice high with noo paranoia felt relaxed at sometimes but also energetic at others aha I loved it”

  • “Good medicine. Green Crack x OG kush parents. The buds are dense and green like green crack with a lot of orange hairs like OG kush. Hits in the body but does have a euphoric balance to it. Smooth tasty smoke.”

  • “Bert good trip, but i have headche”

  • “Strain has a great smell, like a California forest. Only one bowl and you are in a heavy high in both mind and body, which gives you the choice of either choosing activities or sleeping. It is not a super high, but it will take away most pains in an instant. Great for stomach pain and anxiety. Helps with Tinnitus too. Don't smoke too much, you'll get real paranoid real fast. Lots of this in CO right now too. Hope thi...”

  • “hit this indoor grown, ground up in my bong. a purple, lemon pine burst for flavor, with a cerebral high that set in after the first single hit. each hit got me a little higher, six total. i deal with most major mental ailments, as well as many physical. im about to go to bed. i was tired when i took it, and i still do which i like. i know it will euphorically knock me out. the taste, effects, and medical help receiv...”

  • “This Strain tends to leave me in some what of a head fog. I love it for night time or lazy day use. I do however tend to get a headache if too much is consumed.”