Green Love Potion Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This strain was produced by : Thompson Farm One ( note : harvested on 1/1/16 final test date 6/10/16 packaged on 6/14/16 , and I think it was the end of June when I purchased it ) THCA -20.1. %. CBD- .002 % CBN-.016% The buds are very nice , on the smaller side ( considering I got a 1/4 oz. ) Fairly dense , lots of orange " hairs " Considering the production dates and All ... This surprisingly was N...”

  • “Awesome, awesome turned me into a for my bf of course.”

  • “Got this from Doc Croc at 25.1% THC. Not much for cerebral effects, but the body tingle is very nice. Does offer some, not a lot, aphrodisiac properties. Smells like tea, but taste is near non-existent.”

  • “Simply put, I've never smoked a strain that can kick me in the face after vaping CO2 concentrate all day like GLP does.”

  • “This so far is one of my favorite (possibly most favorite) strains for helping my aching muscles and just basically gives me an overall good feeling in my whole body without getting tired. Better still is that so far this is one of the best strains I've tried for my physical body symptoms of anxiety and stress (tight muscles, feel like I can't breathe well, racing heart, etc). as soon as I have this it all melted awa...”

  • “When I first tried this last year I wasn't impressed. My dispensary has had this on sale for two moths and it's becoming one of my go to's for the evening. Maybe this batch is different but OMG I love this strain. Heavy indica but you can still be functional. I like to smoke it early evening to relax me for the night and get much needed sleep. She's a 80/20 indica-sativa. Will continue buying her she remains on ...”

  • “I love it , it give off the smell lavender. best one for my migraines I've hand . but I can do with the giggles, I get Ever time. but I get 5 stars”

  • “Wish I could "Love" GLP! Sadly, I purchased without seeing the product; 2 oz. It's was pretty with purple, hairy, and the worse thing It was dry with lots of baby seeds, and hardly any leaf matter either. Taste is blah, not so good. Now for the effects, it's as they say a clearer high. I do prefer the couch lock type(s)! I'll finish what I have and hope to sample again a better GLP product at some point.”