Green Poison Reviews

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  • “Not good for pain . You just get stoned . I have multiple trama from motorcycle accident tryin to get off the oxy . Most people here will not understand .”

  • hi2

    “Euphoric, for sure. Puts an automatic smile on your face. Mildly sedating.....not a complete knockout. You can easily focus.”

  • “I recently picked up a healthy portion of Green Poison. I was initially drawn to its sweet citrusy and subtle earthy/piney aroma. Its buds are dense but light, with a generous dusting of sticky trichomes that leaves your finger tips smelling of freshly peeled oranges. You don't want to consume it because it is smells so amazing and looks so beautiful... But then you break down! You bust it up, and light it ablaze! It...”

  • “This one of my favorite strains. I love indica's its perfect it has nice bud about 300-400 gm permeter if you grow it scrog or top it till you dont top. Great tasting bud. One word I have not got that taste other then GG4 im wondering if some peps arent using it as GG4. Its very piney and got pinch of lemon and a less thicker smoke then GG4 but this is closest thing if you cant get GG4. Amazing all indica heads know ...”

  • “this smoke is a little chokey on the exhale but smooth on the inhale. a nice heavy hitter that induces a sleepy narcotic like high. i also experienced a feeling of paranoia like someone was watching me at all times kinda interesting”

  • “Hi to the people who run this site, you are all wrong with telling my stoner ass that Green poison is not available in my area, you can not possibly know that shit man eh unless you can see inside my head...oh god. Ok first of all this is a pleasant high that wastes no time in traveling straight to your head, giving you an intense head float that lets your ears ring with glee, the high of green poison says in the mid...”

  • “I don't get why anyone wouldn't rate this strain less than 5 stars. Beautiful numbing of digits and the most relaxed, without getting sleepy, I've ever been after smoking. When I think deep indica; I think "Green Poison".”