Grimace Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Powerful body-high, usually get couch locked. Really good for listening to music. Dense purple nuggets that are moist with resin and the smell is out of this world. Only downside is that it only lasts a short time, peaking at around 30 minutes in.”

  • “This is a really cool strain I came across in my ventures- Its a COMPLETELY purple plant/bud, EXCEPT the fact that the stem ALWAYS stays lime green on this strain unlike some or a few other purple buds etc- (You can make a plant purple, this is one that is NATURALLY like this, not altered.) It can be a very dank bud when grown and cured properly. I liked it more for the gimmick of smoking a purple bud, I didn't think...”

  • “A nice mellow bud. If you're stressed this one is for you!”

  • “Very tasty. Light purple buds with a mellow head high. Perfect for vibing to some revolutionary Raggae music or just chillin with friends. I got mines from the PDA lounge in Downtown Seattle.”

  • “Hints of green and purple are masked by this trichome covered medicine. Great for the advanced smoker. It tastes of a sweet citrus that I am unfamiliar with like hints of orange and lemon but smoothed over with a lingering musk of the two fruits.”

  • “Experience: Mild, mellow yet alert. Memory inducing. Body is very relaxed, but mind is clear and focused. A great daytime indica. Usage: Great for staying in on a rainy day. Look/Feel: This was described as being purple, and I see that in some photos, but this one is not purple. This is a lime green with clusters of short, thick, orange hairs and a good amount of small to medium crystals with a few large crystals. S...”

  • “Decent relaxing indica. Smells hops, pine and mint/basil, light taste.”

  • “Grimace is great to look at, and even better to smoke. Could be too heavy for those who don't regularly smoke, so prepared to get dankrafied!”