Grimmdica Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “this is unlike any indica I've had. a light sativa buzz that keeps you going mentally while gradually magnetizing you to the couch. it's euphoric but dreamy, definitely cerebral. grimmdica is unique as that I don't get hungry AT ALL. if it were Tahoe og I'd have an empty fridge! so grimm is great in that you're massaged into relaxation without the heavy sedation or laziness of other indicas. a great strain for unwind...”

  • “Easy light gradual numbness sliding down my back, knees. Not heady it’s body just what I️ was looking for tonight.”

  • “Sort of Smells like McDonald's. Hashy, Piney, Cheesy, and Pungent. mmmmmm Perfect Indica Medicine. A must try”