Guido Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain has a stong fruit like smell, pungent. Inhale is smooth and the high is long lasting. This strain takes you so high that you become sober, if that makes sense..... When/If you try it, you'll know what i mean....”

  • “Absolutely delicious plum and cherry flavors in this beautiful mostly indica. Yum.”

  • “Long lasting and strong.great night time med.”

  • “The smell is very distinct, almost how you know the taste of GSC. The taste is not harsh with not a real rich white smoke. Great looking flower. Larger dense nugs with very lovely color consisting of dark greens, light greens, and brown hairs and trichomes!”

  • “Hands down, best strain I've ever seen!”

  • “Really great smell right out of the gate. Escalates slowly and lasts quite a while. Highly recommended.”

  • “A very relaxing strain. with kids to take care of it relieves my stress but doesn't hinder my ability to act fast in case of emergency!”