Gumbo Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Gumbo is my favorite night time strain. It tastes AMAZING and leaves me totally relaxed. It is a great pain management strain and very good for sleep. My only problem with this strain is it makes me want to consume mass quantities of junk food!”

  • “Bought a quarter of this and still enjoying it, a little goes a long way. Nice and strong strain, definitely best to use this when you're done for the day. Will keep you relaxed in place with a light couch lock. Great vaporized, high kicks in within a minute and comes in waves of happiness and warmth. Very good strain, anyone with the chance should try it! Gonna grind up another round now to enjoy!!!”

  • “Tasty, super relaxing strain that's great for nighttime use. Potent indica effect and bubblegum flavor are awesome for winding down before bedtime. Super effective for me with insomnia issues as well as pain.”

  • “Great strain. One of my favorites. I don't know who is saying that paranoia and anxiety are side effects, because I'm usually asleep within 20 minutes of smoking this.”

  • “This is a great non heady Indica. Really low THC levels at a little over 6% but the CBD count is over 20%. This accounts for the heavy body high and relaxation which make this a great medicinal bud. Gives that "narcotic effect" people talk about when referring to strains as this is predominately body_centric. Thumbs up on this one even though I won't be want to get out of bed in the morning.”

  • “This is from Silver Sage Wellness - THCA- 20.8 CBD- n/t Got some big firm nugs, but I think it's a bit dryer than it should be ..... I absolutely hate That they package good medical flower in these stupid ziplock Baggie type things - WISH everyone in NV packaged like Polaris, & GLP 😬 Anyhow - the flavor of this Gumbo is odd - I'm thinking it must be a "diesel" type flavor... But I could be wrong 😆!! It's a d...”

  • “I love this strain (name changed to Gumbi at The Farm) however I find it odd that people say it makes them sleep. This strain does the opposite to me. I can't sit still and I'm energetic and without pain at all -which is great. There's also no psychoactive effects on me. I do however have a hard time taking the smoke, it's harsh, it's really smelly and I go through it very fast.”

  • “Love the strain. Love the shop that created it!”