Gutbuster Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very nice smoke, full of rich fruity flavor with a touch of wooden earth aroma”

  • “I find it very sweet, very different taste, kinda berry but not too sweet? More of a charcoal bitter chocolate? Gave me some anxiety for the first 30 minutes, not strong more paranoid? Overall I think it's a great strain, giggly for sure!”

  • “fantastic indica!”

  • “Amazing flavor and aroma. Great nighttime strain; knocked me out and I suffer from insomnia.”

  • “Wow, definitely a favorite. You could definitely taste the flavors and get a relaxing high with lots of giggles.”

  • “Berry and earthy flavors, good terpene profile. Goes purple in colder months, very pretty. 20 year smoker, one of my favorites. Reminds me a little of a Master Yoda strain I enjoyed also....”

  • “d9nt take this then try to take the bus anywhere. You will be paranoid AF. Good high great strain but paranoia is inevitable.”

  • “Gutbuster #1 is a heavy hitting indica that brings both calmness to the entire body and head. Very sweet and flavorful undertones of a berry variety. This strain, in my opinion, is best consumed after a long-stressful day of strenuous activity. Medical symptoms that can be helped are anxiety, severe pain and in some cases depression.”