Haoma Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Fabulous medicinal strain. Generally I need to alternate strains to get relief from pain, but this one has worked every time, for months in a row.”

  • “Having MS, this is a great, relaxing daytime use strain for me.”

  • “I'm pretty high. watching hitchcock movies without sound. my brain slows down. lots of thoughts with no conclusions. impretty sure its a question. its taking me forever to type this review. any how, I'm SUPER Add right now. I can't finish anything, just jumping from on stimuli to the next.”

  • “It's calming, a really nice blend of flavorful smoke and mellow relaxation.”

  • “A very fragrant and tasty strain :) Nice buzz that hits you quickly, lasts for hours and is felt "in the eyes" for sure. I'm recreational but I'm sure I've benefitted medicinally from cannabis - perhaps without even knowing it! If you can find some Haoma, try it. I am confident you'll like it.”

  • “Haoma really mellows you out, but for me is very tiring. Once I smoke it, it's definitely time for bed! This strain hits fast.”

  • “Shit is good”

  • “OMG loved this strain so much! such a good night time strain and tastes delicious!”