Hashberry Reviews

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  • “For 27 years I suffered from migranes that would make go blind in one eye and completely disable me for up to 12 hours. The next day after my migrane I would have headache and feel like I had been out drinking all night. I have an allergic reaction to asprin and tylenol and ibuprofin does nothing to relieve my symptoms. Last year I decided to get my medical card and try marijuana, because nothing else had worked. The...”

  • “5 stars just for some amazing sleep! Besides that, it even tingles my nose as a nice hash would do. I'm dabbing the SHO & the flavor is hashy with definite pepper. Extremely smooth and has sent me off very smoothly to what's going to be a great day. Huge smile on my face. This isn't your typical couch lock indica. Although great for sleep it doesn't make it difficult to do chores. No anxiety at all (I'm prone to it.)...”

  • “The smell and taste of this weed is unbelievable - like pure organic raspberries and blackberries that have been crushed in your hands. No mistaking if you got real Hashberry or not - just whiff the crushed bud! It has crazy bag appeal, just flocked with trichomes. The high is the gentler side of the indica sepctrum... very relaxing, calming, strong and chilling... without the stupidity or heavy couchlock of the har...”

  • “HOOKAHed HASHYBERRY before bed and WOW fun-flirty-sexy strain it is!!....very sensuous, touchy-touchy, explore, play, heal, be, make, love, feel, discover, grow, "Come Together"...Enjoy and Be well Canna-Friends!!..... Oh, Naughty KindGodess420😍🚀😴🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶”

  • “Great taste. I like to use this as my daytime med as it is a strong strain but not overpowering and I can still use it for my daytime med.”

  • “I have been a serious smoker for 25 years. Hashberry is not for anyone without serious medical issues. Very strong, very very helpful with pain, and will knock out a rhino! Love it. Night night. Helps with with my numbness in my hands when i try to sleep. Miracle.”

  • “The cut I smoked was one of the absolute best strains for inducing heavy sleep. Really knocks you out and keeps you knocked out.”

  • “Great night time med! Full body relaxation. Hits in 5-10 minutes (vaporizer).”