Herijuana Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Herijuana blows me away. If you smoke this, be prepared to not be active. The batch I purchased doesn't knock me out right away, but it lays the groundwork very well if needed,and insomnia was one of the reasons I wanted to try it. Surprisingly, it works more as a fairly quick sleep aid if you smoke smaller quantities. Last night I smoked a large bowl myself and it was a very trippy high. I was left immobile, and...”

  • “This Strain is the motherfuckong shit man i smoked 4 bowls from a steamroller omg, leme tell u im stoned as fuck right now so yeah.. i felt a strong buuzz,i feel blown to the dome omg it also gave me the ablility to rap.. i also felt really mello, a full body tingle”

  • “By far the best strain I have found for my issues. I have chronic back pain, depression and anxiety, and I suffer from stage c2 colon cancer, PTSD and am a recovering heroin addict. This strain is excellent for my appetite, my back pain and my stress, I highly recommend to anybody looking for a medication for appetite stimulation and insomnia in particular.”

  • “I would rate this a 4.5 overall. It has great flavor, earthy and pungent! I vape the dry bud and if you do just enough you can be very focused and task oriented and if you do just enough more you'll be totally relaxed and chill. Again the flavor, taste is amazing. Man I could just sniff the bag and be happy, lol!”

  • “In-da-couch pain relief rescue comes on fast then creeeps...midnight tokin' Bliss...calming, soothing, sooo Kind!...I'm doing the Dali-melt...💤💤”

  • “Best couch lock/sleep strain I've ever had. I have severe insomnia and also take sleeping pills but when I found this strain I flushed them pills down the toilet! I've tried every indica possible and this by far has helped me the most with my insomnia. It's a very potent strain and sometimes I get panic attacks when I smoke. but the CBGA % on most phenos of Herijuana are very high which helps curb the euphoric/physco...”

  • “Look, its a bird, its a plane...its a real life superhero flying in to save the day!! I don't care, I'm busy puffin on the best strain I've come across in a LONG time - maybe, dare I say it, ever! I'm a bit biased as I am a kush guy at heart, but that fact in and of itself should tell you that I am a picky consumer of the indica. Herojuana came to me in large chunky nugs, from the most legit co-op in SoCal. B...”

  • “Picked up the Orange Herijuana @ Native Roots. Had nice citrus flavor, mellow buzz, and worked pretty well for relaxing a pinched nerve.”