Himalayan Blackberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is one of my new fav. strains!! I really liked the high i got from this strain, it has a nice pine, berry taste. Something i would wanna smoke during the winter. the high from this strain is a nice "chill" high meaning you can get baked of this strain and you can act serious at anytime. so that makes this my fav. strain if im about to go somewhere”

  • “Really liked this strain, relaxed high, constant chill, but you could be serious and you don't look noticeably baked. I love the taste. It has a Christmasy taste.”

  • “A beautiful flower that tastes of berry and earth, Himalayan Blackberry may be my favorite indica. Very similar in comparison to Hindu Kush, although slightly less sedative - you can sleep or keep going on HB. It is fantastic for meditation, sleep, or periods of peaceful contemplation, although also excellent for casual creative tasks and playing video games. Provides moderate pain relief, although not ideal for seve...”

  • “Such a perfect sex and bedtime high. Tingly and euphoric waves wash over you as you drift off. Definitely wouldn't leave the house on this one, but it's the indica I've always wanted.”

  • “This is it. This is the chill high ive always been looking for. Fantastic, absolutely fantastic”

  • “love, love, love........best high in the world (at least so far!)......and I've been getting high for the past 46 years and will continue to do so with this awesome pot.”

  • “Solid, tasty indica with an amazing and uplifting heavy body high.”

  • “the perfect indica”