Hindu Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just got this strain and have been smoking it for a few hours, and it's a different kind of indica high for me but I really like it. I have the body high and am completely stoned, feeling uplifted and euphoric but somewhat couch locked. But I'm also getting really weird visuals when I close my eyes. The strangest thing is it makes me really focused and I'm getting some studying done at almost midnight now. I recommen...”

  • “I am new again (haven't smoked in 20 years) and decided to break my cherry on this to take care of pain I have from breaking my tibia, fibula and ankle. I have 14 screws and two plates in my leg now and depending on the weather I'm either fine, or grinding my teeth all day trying to ignore the pain. Tylenol and Aleve weren't working so I decided to try the HK. WOW what a wonderful little flower. I only need a small...”

  • “As an indica fan, this is my favorite. It's not easy to find, and it sells out quickly when it shows up, but anyone who enjoys cannabis needs to try this historic strain. It's a truly pure indica and the seed has been around for hundreds of years. It's not like most of the hybrids we are all used to - this one is a pure indica, deep and mellow. In a word it's incredible. The first time I tried it I felt the ef...”

  • “Hindu Kush is a definite indica. After I smoked it I immediately wanted to sit down, there is a very strong body high extremely relaxing you. Another good thing about this strain is that you will sleep like never before and wake up feeling happy and refreshed. My buds were very dense with a very strong pungent smell. I would recommend grinding these nugs to get the best taste and experience out of this strain. HAPP...”

  • “The sweet fruity scent of this strain drives me higher 😁 it has a GREAT taste, the high is AMAZING, RELAXING & Chillaxing...definitely the strain to go for if you just wanna kick off your shoes and relax your feet, Watch a movie, or sit on the beach and watch the sun set 💚💛❤️”

  • “Phuk i'm baked. I'm riding a rollercoaster of tingles and zings through the 4th dimension, if the 4th dimension was essentially composed of you having a perpetual orgasm whilst sheathed by an extremely dense atmosphere, one much denser than our own. The atmosphere would closely resemble that of Titan's (Saturn's largest moon). If I could describe this high in one word (and I can't) I would describe it as euphorically...”

  • “This is one hell of an indica. The smell and floavor is earthy and dank. Like anywhere I have it I get complaints about it smelling to dank and the smell sticking around. That's what I like to hear! The onset of the high is like any other. It's the after the onset where this strain stands out. First it's normal, then it's holly cow I'm that baked? A definite strain to try if you are into indicas.”

  • “I found this strain to give me a heavy, sedated feeling. Definitely great for severe pain, insomnia and stress but would make sure you have nothing to do after you smoke this strain. It is a smooth smoke and an intense indica body high. Would recommend if you need to just chill out and rest.”