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Humboldt Headband Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This will be one of my favorites love this one when I'm alone after a long day at the gym and other activities. After one bong hit all my pain and stresses are taken away and leaves you floating🙌🏻. After I got my munchies , and I layer in my bed and turned on the tv to play video games and I was playing Mario Kart 8 and and it's pretty fun and it trips you out sometimes the courses. But to cut it short great strain...”

  • “Nice flavors first hit true to the name. Wearing my headband. 😀”

  • “headband, more like a face mask ask. If you're a newbie you're going to get knocked on your behind. Amazing to end a long stressful day and if you have pains and aches. One of my favorites!”

  • “Great get up and go, if you like to get things done”

  • “This strain is great !! I was high all night with a euphoric high and laughing non stop afterwords I slept like a baby !”

  • “Love this... smells earthy and pungent and they high is amazing!”

  • “Berry or lime tasting, very laid back, get nothing done ...kind of high...good for aches and pains.”