Iced Widow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Got a 1/2 ounce of Top shelf Medical grade Iced widow, a.k.a White Castle. The flavors of this strain remind me of Northern lights or a funky Jack Herer clone. very piney, a hint of menthol behind it. This strain STINKS due to the amount of trichomes, stink proof baggies needed, goodwich bags will do the smell no defense the flavor is something way different from your usual bud, Woody, mentholy, and, to be honest, ...”

  • “This is called White Castle in my area. Lovely, tastes like toast with strawberry jam.”

  • “My new fave! As a chronic pain sufferer I feel anxious and irritated a lot of the time. This strain relaxed me to a pleasant person again! OMG I felt normal, only better! LOL Had just three small puffs from my Haze vape. Relaxed, creative, no anxiety at all, just CHILL. I am a far better Mum and wife when I'm relaxed and better at coping with two screaming, fighting, happy and way too clever toddlers(4,2)!! I enjoy...”

  • “also known as White Castle”

  • “Pretty good strain. Definitely a good buy is its on sale for BOD.”

  • “Love it. This one is also called White Castle. Very tasty smoke, unique smell and if flushed properly, it will not be harsh smoke at all. I know this strain very well and cannot get enough of it. Thanks Nirvana seeds.”

  • “Just picked this up and after looking at the Bud it was a very dense nice colour with lots or orange in it very stinky! i busted that nug up and took a rip and even the after taste left such a great sweet taste in my mouth i would definitely give this one a go for those looking for a wonderful all around strain it's very tasty!”

  • “surprizing amount of kick in this strain, enjoyable for heavier smokers. Much better than the similar but different strain 'white castle'. Iced widow is more indica where white castle is more sativa dominant. Often mistakenly thought to be the same strain with two different nicknames. Try this one out !”