Illuminati OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is an amazing strain. Definitely in my Top 3. Great body high. Tingly legs and no anxiety or anything. If you want an even better high, mix Illuminati OG with Gorilla Glue #4. OMG!! Best high.”

  • “So I had my first chance to sample this herb today. I really liked it. Illuminati gave me the body buzz of an indica with a light head high. I had a good burst of energy in the beginning but after about four hours I felt a little drowsy. I guess that's when you should smoke more, right? I'd give it a try. Mine was only 8.5 THC and it was a great feeling buzz, and worked to take away my back and ankle pain.”

  • “Good for sleeping, decent control for restless legs but not great. They were a little tingly, which isn't something an RLS sufferer wants! Something about it just opens the mind, music sounds amazing, and really large, abstract concepts can be thought about without seeming overwhelming.”

  • “This stuff is really good, but it did not, as advertised, "knock me out." Instead, I got some awesome psychoactive effects that made me want to smoke more, but left me hella hungover the next day. I think I'm too much of a newbie for this powerfully potent weedizzle.”

  • “The heaviest indica and i love it!! I have really bad insomnia and this is my go to its heavy and sweet i love it!!”

  • “My new go to for my days off. Great for heavy indica users and those seeking rest and heavy relaxation”

  • “This strain left me slummmp god status! Super melty from the head down! One of my favorite bedtime strains for sure!”

  • “Had really high hopes for this one because the scent was so interesting. But the vape wasn't dry and a bit too harsh.”