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  • “Veg-Bushy Bloom-Stretch x 3 so she does well with topping and LST. Nutrient and Cal/Mag beast. Very resilient to heat and mites. Run heavy silica in order to keep branches from snapping under the weight of heavy buds. This girl is a pleasure to grow. Finishes in 8 weeks strong. Smoke-Very dense bud structure with high resin formation. Great medicinal smoke for pain management and night time relaxing. I grew 5 from...”

  • “I'm looking at a 1/4 oz. of I.B. Impressive medium to small tight buds with an abundance of orange hairs encircling the flower. I took a smallish bud and smoked it in my 43 year old pipe, (that's another story which I will share if anyone is interested), and my first impression is the smoothness of the exhale. As I work through the bowl, the tender treatment on the mouth throat and lungs continues. I listening to...”

  • “Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk I have been able to experience this beautiful strain from seed to harvest. It has been a very easy and carefree plant to grow. I was amazed by the sheer size of the seed, which also germinated within 3 days. I switched it early and have provided some really stunning photos of it at certain stages during flower. During the final week of flush the purple hints of colour came through and...”

  • “Review 2 1 Week after harvest! I dried the flower on a drying rack for 3 days in a 1.3m x 2m room, I ran 2 20l dehumidifiers. On the 4th day I collected the fresh flowers and lay them in a air tight container and filled it to 1/5 of the height and don't lay them on top of each other. I air dry for 4 to 5 days after this and leave the case open most nights in a ventilated room. The smell is really starting to d...”

  • “I often times post two reviews, the first one being initial impression, and the second will usually be a day or two layer after really getting to spend time with the particular strain. In the case of Incredible Bulk, I've been smoking this for about a week now and got a pretty good idea what it's about. First off, the big bud genetics are obvious in the nuggets I got. Actually, they're more like grenades some of em...”

  • “Not much more to explain with these trees. As the name suggests, you will find your self struggling to handle these incredibly bulky, dense, furry fucking nuggets. Take out one nug and you'll inhale a wiff of a Sourish pine scent but altogether a more pungent skunk odor is produced. Taste like a skunk would, but gets right to the point when that smoke (or vapor) hits your lungs... Strain review made possible thanks t...”

  • “It has a nice dance fate to it not too heavy for the body but also this head high that comes along with it is not as bad as well it's very motivating uplifting energetic a little bit but not so much a couch lock it's a little bit different from all the other types of Indica's that portray some of the same symptoms. Like a light spacing is a very creative thoughts and I would have to say the taste for this is very mus...”

  • “Best strain I've tried. Easy grow, large yield with huge buds that are very dense, relaxes and relieves pain when smoked. I have severe PTSD and neck and back pain with constant back spasms and sciatica. Within 15 minutes after smoke and vape session I realized my back had relaxed and I felt at peace, as my pain and anxiety were gone. SUPER effects that resulted in my best night of sleep in a long time.”