Jawa Pie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Another killer strain from Ocean Grown seeds. Beautiful dense buds with frost for days. Broken open it smells like lime candy combined with an incredibly delicious earthy funk. Exhaled it will explode into a mouth watering lime kruller donut flavor that will literally,make you salavate. Buzz is very relaxing and superb for end of the day or watching the OG crew on the Tube.”

  • “Jwp is unusually euphoric for an Indica. Strong and long-lasting body effects, good for pain.”

  • “Great strain, lime smell, rock hard nugs and frosty as can be. Nice heady high.”

  • “Hard hitting indica? yes it is. its every good. 👍 👍”

  • “Really enjoyed the relaxing sedation. Really what I need after a long day at work.”

  • “This is one of my favourite strains. It's got everything you want in it. Smell is out of this world, tastes even better, and the high is oh so good. Buy this one if you ever see it. I guarantee you will be pleased with it.”

  • “It's incredible the flavors that Vader created for this is worth picking up! It is my favorite strain I have grown recently”

  • “Picked up a half ounce of Jawa from my family over at Desert Rose Phoenix 🌵🌹 This stuff is great for my back, smells dank af, smokes like a dream and looks like it's dusted with little diamonds of shatter 💥🌱💥 Words don't do it justice and neither does this 📸 You should really swoop on in and get you some of that before it's all gone 💯”