Jesse's Girl Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Amazing smell and crazy dark very light high great for a long work day”

  • “A rare find. Jesse’s Girl is quickly gaining notoriety in NorCal as a unique strain in many ways. It’s high cbd and thc content make it a perfect medicinal and recreational strain. It grows deep purple from the inside out unlike any strain I’ve ever seen. Sweet, subtle smoke fills the lungs and soon a relaxing euphoria sets in leaving you with a smile and no worries. It grows easily and smokes even easier. Enjoy if a...”

  • “This strain is very unique. I got mine organic (grown by Marley Natural) and it is super indica. Almost like Zkittles with the heavy onset, but more creative. I am feeling quite sloppy and giggly, too. Like I need a nap real bad. This is actually pretty good for socializing for being a heavy indica. It makes you feel jovial and talkative with some depth to match. The flavor is nutz too.”

  • “Euphoric and delicious. Great bag appeal, smell, and taste. A good day time indica that’s high in CBD and that is the craziest darkest purple I’ve seen. Great job by the Northern California growers hat produced this great flower.”

  • “This was an awesome strain. This is a strain that has very deep flavors. The euphoria that follows is blissfuly. I met these people at the Emerald cup and I strongly suggest this to people who enjoy complex strains.”

  • “Totally the tops!!. Great for Pain & Stress Free Baby, All the Medicine I Personally NEED😁👋🏼👋🏼”

  • “Jesse's Girl is a great and unique strain. Jesse and the team at Peak Organics know what they are doing in the garden and are great people to boot! Will be on the lookout for this strain any chance I get.”

  • “Bud is super dank, purple inside and out and flourished with trichomes. Packs a pretty good density, but not as dense as GDP. Overall great strain👌”