Jupiter OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Jupiter OG is a very potent indica and is a very sedating strain that is great to use during the evening or before going to sleep. I've been smoking this strain to combat my insomnia and lower back pain. It's been very effective and I've been able to have a good nights sleep without feeling pain for once.”

  • “Just came across this and thought it was Reggie, was I wrong. Beautiful!!!!”

  • “Looks: Dense and delicate nugs that break apart easily. Mostly dark green buds with a few orange hairs and moderate trichome coverage. Dank and sticky when broken up. Smell: Pine, citrus and a touch of fuel. The citrus is more pronounced than many batches of OG I’ve sampled. Taste: Similar to the smell with the pine and citrus dominating. Smooth vapor with heavy lung expansion. Buzz: Heavy stone. The head ...”

  • “I suffer from chronic migraines and this wonder green flower works amazingly well. It helps me eat, laugh, relax and melts away the pain. Love it!!!!!”

  • “Very nice, clean hitting vapors. Delivers a good functioning and calming body high. This is a great replacement for morning coffee at the right dosage. A very clear and non-cerebral high”

  • “Nice to smoke and vap. Great with morning coffee gets you out the door ready to blaze your way into your day. Best to keep a few hits on the PAX or dubs on hand throughout your day to keep you humming along. Jupiter - Stay in orbit my friends. ~eXile”

  • “I'm a huge fan of the planetary strains. Unfortunately, the Jupiter is not one of my favs. Top 25 maybe, but I smoke 90% A+ grade or better. I find it strange given that the Pluto, Mars, and Saturn all fall in my top 5, the Saturn and Mars tying at number 1, and Pluto making the top 5 somewhere. Enough about those, lets talk about the saturn- Over-all, this is a solid strain. Very nice, heavy hitting INDICA. G...”

  • “THis Shit is gud”