Katsu Bubba Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “good heavy skunk with a very calming head high. Body high was a little weaker then I would have thought. very relaxing with happiness and no anxiety. katsu is one of my favorite head and body relaxers. some noticable pain relief but nothing to relieving.”

  • “Great smell/flavor, very strong. Solid indica experience, really relaxing but didn't really put me to sleep. Worked well for me as a 7pm chill, bit didn't have me passed out at 8:30.”

  • “Great indica! Worked ok to settle down my mind and body. Definitely a Kush type high along with it”

  • “This is an excellent strain to wind down with at the end of the day, especially if you are looking to transition into a great night's sleep.Great body buzz.”

  • “Great nighttime strain with a lovely grape flavor. Loved using this to help me sleep at night or just to give my racing mind a rest.”

  • “Used the wax, which intensifies everything. Powerful mid-brain high. Feel happy, aroused, euphoric, Wife got very horny after one hit using our new vaporizer (see Muad-Dib review).”

  • “Very good strain”

  • “4.5 stars. Solid indica. I've had the cresco pre-rolls and cresco bho disposable. It's relaxing. Not going to put you to bed. Munchies of course. Pain is subdued. I pretty functional indica. Not couch locked. Enjoy.”