Khufu Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “DUDE! This Khufu is the BOMB! I'm sitting here talking to my wife about how emotional it's making me and that it almost makes me want to cry how good this stuff is making me feel. Like I just can't get a smile off my face, and it's such a chill high. Seriously, I haven't had this good of flower in months. Like that has made me feel this awesome. Very relaxed body high. Very Euphoric. Definitely feeling the munchies a...”

  • “Not a bad strain at all. I chose this strain due to the high cbd levels. when first smoked it's very sedating but yet a little uplifting. after an hour it wears off and helped me fall asleep. good strain overall a nice indica”

  • “First time I tried this strain I was not incredibly impressed. Wish I could remember where I got it. The second time I got it from Bloom PHX and it was incredible. The CBD content was around .9% and the THC was 20%+. Really enjoyed it.”

  • “Wonderful red hairs coat a very dark and dense bud. The high is immediate/strong, this strain may be one of my new favorites for night time 😏”

  • “I really enjoyed the first batch I bought. This batch was very bushy and disappointing, like a 70's porno flick.”

  • “very calming, great taste and color .This is a great strain that I will definitely be getting again .”

  • “Has an earthy and minty scent with an amazing effect, it's not a creeper you should feel it right away for pain relief.”

  • “Just like the name suggests (after the egyptian pharaohs pyramid) the calyxs stacked like crazy and it was just one huge pointed nug. Cheesy and earthy with hints of pine trees and hash. It tastes like you would expect from the genetics used in the cross. Effects were classic indica with just a touch of some headiness. Good for appetite stimulation and pain/ anxiety.”