King Louis XIII Reviews

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  • “I have smoked some of the greats, have grown some of the greats as well. When I saw this on the dispensary menu in Arizona, I scratched my head, (understand that as a Norcal Guy) I just didn't think they had it in them to pull it off here...more on that later in my upcoming piece "Combing Cowboy Country for Chronic…" I asked hey is this indoor? outdoor, greenhouse? and was greeted with an IDK...until through the door...”

  • “I suffer from central sleep apnea, insomnia and when I can actually hit REM cycle, severe nightmares. I served one year in Iraq as a medic attached to an infantry unit - I've seen and done some shit. As a result, I basically have every hindrance to sleep possible. King Louis XIII filled the gap in my long list of remedies. I did everything else to treat my sleep - got a CPAP for my apnea, started taking antipsychoti...”

  • “Migraine pain 5-6; nausea 5 when I medicated round 2300 or so. 5 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (a must). Head buzz heavy without being overwhelming. Body high dang near perfect. This one's a sleeper for sure; do not recommend for daytime use. Super hot stoner sex with my hubby before passing out. Highly recommend for evening/nighttime use, yay! :-)”

  • “I have a very high tolerance and my favorite dispensary @Zenhealing in los angeles is in with Louis XIII Right now and Wow I was blown away at how strong this is and how hungry i got, probably 2 minutes after the first hit my stomach was growling lol... i slept for hours in a while it was great. woke up and was still medicated for another two hours and i only smoke three bowls incredible for my tolerance. MuSt Get Th...”

  • “Half oz from triple c in sacramento, ca. was pricey but true premo a++ meds. Even with a high tollerance it still hit like a ton of bricks. Earthy afgan kush taste, coffee-ish, and perfect for bed. Like a pillow for your brain. It was a pleasure to smoke and look at, with dark green and purple almost black hues.”

  • “My absolute fave. This is by far the most potent strain I have tried. This shit is off the hook stoney. If you have trouble sleeping this will knock you right out. But beware you will have severe munchies. It is good for pain, insomnia and anxiety. Produces super strong, euphoric body high with incredible head change. Not recommended for the inexperienced consumer.”

  • “I've only recently began using marijuana for chronic pain and tried a small variety of strains. I can't speak for other users, but the King Louie III is definitely a good choice for use prior to bedtime. A couple decent sized hits are all it takes to help me with pain reduction & sleep. A very smooth and euphoric high without any ill side effects. The only side effect that was kind of bothersome was the severe dry mo...”

  • “Oh boy, King Louie XIII is just amazing, total indica, total couch lock, mad love! This strain is just overall a very dank nighttime strain, it just makes you melt very nicely, definitely grab it if you see it as it's a must try for all. Helps great with Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Spasms & Insomnia, this is such a great strain!”