Kobain Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I give this strain a strong 3 (so like a 3.8). For me, the effects were very soothing and relaxing and I was able to ease in to a nice sleep. However, this plant doesnt have the best taste or nose to it. If you are looking for an enjoyable smoke, I would suggest finding a different Kush. But if you are looking for a prototypical indica effect, you'll find it here.”

  • “Smooth creamy flavor, great for night. A seaweed delivery favorite!”

  • “This strain is a nice evening smoke. Chills you out and relaxes you, kind of a couch sitter. Not the best indica ever but definitely worth getting.”

  • “Definitely a top shelf strain. Trichome content is amazing. Great for pain relief and relaxing. I have constant chronic pain and can't sleep well. This strain helps me get some sleep and eases the pain for a while. Gives me an appetite too. Overall a really good strain.”

  • “Hit hard and fast. A bit anxious for me but also exciting, tactile, horny. Good pain med at first, not long lasting and after a day lost it's magic.”

  • “indica that almost feels like a sativa but with a strong body high, tastes great, has hints of pepper and sour. overall this is a great strain”

  • “For me, this strain is so phenomenal it feels like my brain is being blown out the back of my head.”