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Kritikal-K Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very strong body high and couch lock. The taste is very unique but if I had to put it close to something it would be cheese mixed with a bit of a train wreck flavor.”

  • “One of the most powerfull strains i Everton tried, really great for night time, but to heavy for day time use ;) Realy smooth bits, and no munchies after smoking”

  • “The high was great but the come down was a bit intense.”

  • “I took a chop with this strain out my bong with 3 perculators after a chest workout and boyyyyy does it slap , i just cant sleep and am always with bad anxiety but this strain gives me a good high to bring me down from all that bullshit so i can have a nice relaxing day and good sleep ,whereas when i smoke with weaker stuff i cant feel shit in my forhead especially after a workout, this one is definitely a 10/10”