Kryptonite Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Far and away THE BEST strain ever for sex. Extremely similar head space and tactile sensations to LSD. Amplifies your sense of touch exponentially making it perfect for sex, massages, spas, etc. Immense feelings of empathetic connectivity allows allows you to enjoy giving as much as receiving - which, is no small benefit! Absolutely ZERO anxiety in any situation. Capable...with juuuust the right amount of clarity to...”

  • “Best weed Iv ever had this Grape kryptonite is amazing helps relax you without having that indica couch lock! after a long day this weed gives me a very mellow feeling with no worries at all definitely hands down the vest weed Iv ever had and not because it gets you super high! But because of the quality of the high! Also it's a good "show off" weed awesome colors and smell! Just a 5 star flower”

  • “Smoking a small amount is great for before school. Great indica Great for pain relief. Very relaxing Takes a minute to kick in but come up is fast 1st. Intense euphoric short lasting sativa like peak 2nd. Strong body high”

  • “I chose Kry because of the higher CBD level. Had two small puffs off my pipe after work in the evening hours and felt uplifting, talkative effects immediately. I was fairly tired and having pain from Fibromyalgia. I wanted to smoke more because the sweet pine flavor was so nice, but limited myself to see what effects would be. The moderate pain relief came on at about 20- 30 minutes for me and although I felt very ta...”

  • “Kryptonite is the best strain ever created in my opinion. It does everything. Ther name says it all but the thing is it can fell sativa like in the beginning of the stone and then moves toward indica. The "O.G." VERSION IS JUST AS NICE BUT SLIGHTLY HEAVIER. Very dense and sticky. If I see it and it's legit.....I'M GETTING IT.”

  • “I have tried many strains for my severe anxiety and depression. After getting tired of shrinks putting me on alot of different meds., I felt like I was in a viscous circle. Krypto is so incredible for me, it takes such a weight off my shoulders and pushes all the black clouds away. I also have cervix dysplasia and it helps with that pain as well. The Krypto makes me feel pain free, uplifted, and dare I say silly and...”

  • “50/50 sweet/fruity & earthy flavor and scent. It's slightly dank in that it forces it's way up your nose on it's terms. Tastes as it smells, good. Looks dark green & dark purple/black with some orange hairs and a lot of trichromes. Not so dense as an indica but spacey and dense like an og kush or sour diesel. Long heavy high. Head is heavy and muscles are relaxed like a bobble head. My back pain is gone. No pills, Dr...”

  • “Excellent strain for pain and anxiety and it even helped with my fibromyalgia caused insomnia and IBS, all without making me a total couch potato. Would recommend.”