Kushberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This being my all time favorite kush "as of now" is amazing because the high is super creative mellow and chill. and the flavor is incomparably good even better than fruity pebbles it is extreme berry flavor and super sweet very potent. 5/5”

  • “The high hits immediately, starting in the body. It is psychologically grounding and eases physical pain. I experience less fatigue smoking the kushberry concentrate oil than with other indica strains. Oh, and it makes me happy, and uplifted. This is really good for treating depression.”

  • “Nice stony buzz, smoked it after a hard day at work and could barely lift myself from the couch or open my eyes. Mild sedative effect. My girlfriend who has serious trouble going to sleep uses this and falls asleep within minutes after the initial buzz. Great flavor and nice looking bud too. Very fruity and sweet. Found a seed in the biggest bud, it's now growing in my house yay!”

  • “Beautiful strain. OG is still my favorite, but kushberry comes in second. It's got a musky fruity smell that's thoroughly intoxicating. That flavor is just about the same, fruity and skunky with lots of kush. Good smoke for morning and night time - I never feel burnt out on kushberry, but it definitely helps me get to sleep. Overall, this stuff is great medicine. I know I'll be going back for more in the near futu...”

  • “A very nice, very classic Indica. Very relaxing both mentally and physically. Careful getting too comfortable after use, getting up could be a bit difficult. It won't suck the energy out of you if you're already doing something though. Not bad for walking the dog, going to the store, etc. though.”

  • “This is the only strain (for me so far) that takes my migraines away, especially migraines given BY other strains. This helped with inflammation quite a bit, helped with mild muscle pain and mild - moderate nerve pain. Didn't get dry mouth at all, light smoke, got a little talkative, but no munchies. I rolled this with a Raspberry Juicy Jay paper and it was a beautiful match. Brought out the berry taste from the ...”

  • “I like the early buzz..its light and keeps you focused..theirs dense bud structure and fine red hairs. I also love the smell and taste of the smoke. This is the main difference canreally be seen in the taste from other mush strains. Its defiantely a must try..if only just to know its a great kush favorite you might like. If you like evil berry/black berry/ or just a og kush this strain is a must for you!”

  • “This is for the a Berry Kush strain from Mad Mark farms up here in Washington state. This is my favorite strain. Really good high of just being happy and a very nice body high. Really helps for relaxing but no out of it at the same time. Highly recommended.”