LA OG Reviews

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  • “Incredible stuff. Makes my wife so horny, that we ended up having a threesome with another girl!”

  • “been sick with acute bronchitis. took a zpack yesterday and slept. woke up at 3am, and couldn't stop thinking that my first bong hit or two would put me back to sleep. it's 5am now and four more loads later. not sleepy, but relaxed, and i feel fan-fucking-tastic physically. i will sleep later. fixing to go and DESTROY the waffle house down the road.”

  • “Best product out of everything that I have tried for pain. And it really helps me sleep. I also seem to wak up in less pain. Other positives, I don't fight trying to hide my red eyes when I go out in the morning. I don't go to bed with hunger pains. I use it in a tincture.”

  • “Very strong pain reliever. Don't plan on doing much after smoking this.”

  • “This strain is a god sent for anyone looking for a heavy hitting indica. I picked up a half oz from Sacred Seed (Med) in Denver. I had tried just about every indica they had and nothing was strong enough until they suggested I tried LA OG. The buds are a medium light green with light brown/orange hairs running through the middle of the buds. The smell is exactly like Fruity Pebbles. The smoke is my favorite part, its...”

  • “Very dank stuff, long red clusters of hairs with very green leaves that only peak out barely from the ton of whitish amber crystals. The high was strong and was prominent in my forehead and fingertips but was overall a full body and head buzz. Also made me feel more creative, but the high was so enjoyable it was difficult to get going on anything.”

  • “If you're in pain or can't sleep...try this. I suffer from insomnia and endometriosis (painful girl disease). Not even Ambien or Lunesta can help me sleep, but one bowl from this will knock me out. Pain wise, 15 mintues later I can't feel anything. This is SUPER strong though. I once smoked 3 bowls and was so high I felt paralyzed. Still my go-to Indica though.”

  • “A couple weeks ago I mama bed to get my hands on some la og and the first thing I decided to do when I was in the clouds was meditate. Boy o boy, I had an amazing experience; I was somewhere I've never been before and the moments of true bliss. This as well helped me alleviate pain from work and reduce my anxiety. I would recommend this to anyone who ever has trouble managing pain or just needs some fire to relax.”