LA Ultra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “For my first legal dispensary purchase, I wanted to get the most mathematical bang for my buck, so I looked for the best cost-to-THC ratio. 3.5 grams for $30 of 29.7% THC fit that bill easily. LA Ultra goes straight to my head, like the façade of a building in a silent movie crashing down around my shoulders, but it doesn't knock me out unless I smoke too much of it. Unfortunately, "too much" with this strain can be ...”

  • “Great smoke! I got a really nice body high from this. Mild euphoric for me. Hit smooth and I was really relaxed and happy vibes from it. Def gunna get this again for a chill late high”

  • “Has a wonderful smell and taste, with a soaring head and body buzz.... A perfect strain to chill watch some TV, and let the stress fade away!!!”

  • “great daytime smoke la mota in Shady cove has great deals on the strain”

  • “The unique and strong smell burns your nose, like spicy pine needles. I vaped this at around 385 and it burned my nose on exhale like a chili pepper. The high hits you like a truck, you may not be able to feel your arms and legs for about 30 minutes. Not a super long lasting high, but very strong and wonderful for kicking you into relaxation. One of my all time favorites after many years of smoking.”

  • “smoked it for bedtime and it's the perfect end to the day - quite strong so don't toke on it too hard unless you're a veteran. settling in nicely, relaxed, naturally couched but not heavy. enjoy!”

  • “strong Indica dominant strain. good for pain n numbing everything. 5 star with a little sativa added as im a sativa fan.”

  • “The very high CDB level in this strain makes any pain or headache go away and you feel like you're floating. It's got some serious anxiety killing power, too. Not as euphoric as I thought it would be but it still makes me feel very happy and at peace. Great for insomnia, anxiety, pain, and mental well-being.”