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Lashkar Gah Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked this one up in Rifle at The Range (Strainwise). This strain helps greatly with pain from brain surgery, so I"m going to say its pretty strong.”

  • “omg the best indica I evr smoked.. easy smooth hits I took with in mins I felt my head buzz body go numb completely relaxed.. im a very high strung person and always worry about bad side effects such as anxiety not at all with this strain.. the best for stress!!!”

  • “Best Indica Strain I have tried so far. Very relaxing. Great for reducing anxiety. Produces a very smooth vapor. Good for people who have a hard time falling asleep. Usually within an hour of vaping it makes me sleepy. If I use in the middle of the day which I do often it makes me take a nap. Which I would never do without it. Im usually wired and stressed out and have trouble sleeping. So this strain is a godsend fo...”

  • “This was really good for my anxiety and lack of appetite induced by PTSD. As a daily smoker I think this was a casual high for me that relieved my symptoms but on the first day I had the strain it was a powerful high.”

  • “Lashkar Gah provides a deep, heavyset high that is great for relaxation and insomnia.”