Lavender Reviews

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  • “My first time getting red eyes from MMJ. It wasn't too bad, but I've been vaping for a few months now and this is the first time. Lavender totally took away my chronic back pain and inflammation (ankylosing spondylitis). Works quickly and seems to last. I was very happy, chatty and giggly. A very pleasant head experience.”

  • “Very slow come on. Feel loose and wavy. Relaxed and somewhat giddy, but too laid back to do much. Vision is clear and RICH! Everything is really cozy and satisfying. Good tingly/fizzy body high. Very able to concentrate. A buzzy, soapy, melty physical high. Great for learning...all you want to do is kick back and absorb compelling stuff. Had an utterly fabulous time reading towards the end. Probably the best strain f...”

  • “I love this strain. Seriously. I love it! Great for insomnia -- I'm usually up until about 1 AM and then up by around 7 AM for the day. After smoking this, I was asleep by 10 last night! It stops my migraines, nausea, stomach pain, and chest pain associated with stress and anxiety. It calms me right down when I feel like I'm getting overwhelmed or frustrated. Definitely a strain I will keep handy!!”

  • “Lavender Kush is an awesome Indica. Nice mellow flavor. Good for Asthma. Not harsh at all. I use a vaporizer that uses a very small amount, . Got home at about 3:00, had a tube and haven't needed to medicate again. It alleviated the ripping Fibromyalgia pains in my back quickly! Thanks to the Budtender that suggested it.”

  • “I can't keep my eyes open as I write this. This is great for those nights that you have pain and can't seem to quiet your mind. A great all-over body high. Very relaxing.”

  • “🎵..Such a Kusshhhhy HappySilly kinda Bud!..nice for tunes & munchies with friends. Euphoric?Forgetful?Heady?Fun?..YES! Delicious In-da-couch LAVENDER, She'll sit (or lay) ya right down..💜Laziness Alert!! Tastes of SpringTime are delightful, Sun Light is dancing on my face...Another INDICA FlowerPower that lessens Depression, improves PTSD, relieves some of my Pain and Spacticity. Pretty Good SLEEP AID "rest assu...”

  • “This is one of my favorite strains. Perfect for the chronic pain patient who also suffers from insomnia, muscle spasms, and anxiety, this strain does not mess around. It is very strong and you will be asleep in two hours or less. As far as I'm concerned, this is like the xyrem of medical cannabis. My sleep, pain, and anxiety have all improved since starting mmj last year, but I've yet to find anything as potent for n...”

  • “from: Ultra Health in NE Albuquerque. bho honeycomb tested at 69% THC and no other test results. very nice consistence, smells very sweet and floral hints. burns very nice. tastes sweet with a little herbal floral taste and a little bit spicy. very nice strain for concentrate. almost instant head high that is very soothing and relaxing. not as heavy on the body high, but can still feel a bit of muscle relaxation.”