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Legend OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great strain. This one showed up suddenly in Berkeley (I got mine from the CBCB) and boy does it live up to its name! I am a heavy medical user, which can be frustrating because my tolerance is high. It can be difficult to find strains that are strong enough to give me a notable, undeniably medicinal effect. This is a couch-lock high, and the CBCB describes this as "Sedative. Good for sleep" on its website, while a...”

  • “Love it. I have an Autoimmune Disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis, anxiety+panic attacks, insomnia and migraines. Although it doesn't help with the migraines, but it does ease the Chronic pain a lil bit. It gives my body a numb feeling, helps my anxiety and helps me sleep. Overall, I like how it makes me relaxxed.”

  • “Tasty, tangy, and relaxing ... calms u down and puts u in the right headspace. Not subtle. You will look lit af and feel lit af. Good for couchlock. Helps with creativity as well.”

  • “Chilled out relaxed is putting it lightly great for my sleep issues”

  • “If you can get a hold of a high quality version of this strain do it! I got a hold of some organic and potent og legend and the relaxation and mood boost are great. Great nights sleep and just a true medicine. Grateful to have some”

  • “This one was excellent for sleep and pain relief. It was incredibly calming, I felt so laid back and relaxed.”

  • “Got this in shatter form recently and to be honest it is just ok. Tastes like vaping pine-sol, typical heavy indica effects. Great for sleep but gave me a headache”

  • “This is some HIGH GRADE GAS, if you’re looking to get faded with some homies than this is for you😉”